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USER : C. Leejim DATE : Reviewed in the United States on September 2, 2019
I received this scan tool Friday night and read the manual through. The following day I got down to work with it. My engine light was on just when my inspection is due. I went to an autoparts shop to be scanned, terrified by the result of 22 different codes amongst these were emissions issues so I had to get my own scan tool. P0102 was my first code reading so I clean the mass airflow sensor instead of replacing. Then I read again, P0420 came up. Catalytic converter issue and/or possibly O2 sensor also, so I research what others with similar issues did about these 2 codes. In short, I passed my inspection as though there wasn't even any problems. All due to the accuracy of this scanner, I was able to save myself over $1500 in repairs. This scanner has more than paid for itself. I will most certainly recommend 1500 times.
  • ANCEL AD530 Vehicle OBD2 Scanner Car Code Reader Diagnostic Scan Tool with Enhanced Code Definition and Upgraded Graphing Battery Status : Automotive
    product_length:22cm product_width:10cm
    is_bundle:no brand:ANCEL
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    Total Pirce: US$69.99
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