• LAUNCH Creader Elite 200 OBD2 Scanner Code Reader + ABS&SRS Car Diagnostic Tool
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    Product Description

    launch creader elite 200 obd2+abs srs system diagnosis professioncal and accurate diagnosis tool

    Launch Creader Elite 200 --- Professional & Accurate Car Scanner

    Launch Creader Elite 200 is an evolutionary smart code reader for professional technicians or DIYers. It only applies to the passenger cars with 12V battery voltage.

    It has the following functions and advantages:

    • Smart(Auto-Detect) Diagnosis: Once the tool and the vehicle are properly connected, the system starts auto-detect process. Once the whole process is successfully finished, a diagnostic report will be automatically generated.

    • Manual Diagnosis: If Auto-Detect failure occurs, manual diagnosis is also available. Diagnosis functions include: Version Information, Read DTCs, Clear DTCs and Read Data Stream (supports 3 display modes: Value, Graph and Merged).

    • OBD II Diagnosis: 10 modes of OBD II test are supported, including EVAP, O2 Sensor, I/M Readiness, MIL Status, VIN Info, and On-board monitors testing, etc.

    • ABS & SRS Diagnostic: The ABS/SRS diagnostic function is used to retrieve and clear codes from the vehicle's ABS/SRS system.

    • Lifetime Free One-Click Update: Update your diagnostic software and APK online.

    • Mall: This function allows you to purchase more diagnostic software with full system and full functions that are not pre-installed on this tool.(Coming Soon)

    • Diagnostic History: This function provides a quick access to the tested vehicles and users can choose to view the test report or resume from the last operation, without starting from scratch.

    • Diagnostic Feedback: Use this option to submit the vehicle issue to us for analysis and troubleshooting.

    • DTC Library: Allows you to retrieve the definition of the diagnostic trouble code from the abundant DTC database.

    • Displays battery real-time voltage: Once the Creader 200 is properly connected to the vehicle, the home page of the screen will display the real-time battery voltage.

    • Turn off the Engine/ABS/SRS Light: Creader 200 is a new obd2 scanner developed by LAUNCH. You can check all emission-related fault codes, find out the cause of the check engine light to turn on, turn off the fault indicator (MIL), and locate the broken O2 sensor. As also you can turn off the ABS/SRS warning light.

    NOTE: Turning off the engine light can only turn off the engine light caused by OBD2/emission related faults.

    To turn off the engine/abs/srs(airbag) light, you must first determine what the fault is through the read code, and then fix the fault to turn the warning light off.

    Launch obd2 scanner cre200

    Launch Creader Elite 200 --- Best Choice for Car Owner

    Don't worry about car breakdowns, Launch Creader Elite 200 will help you solve problems.

    Launch cre200 abs+srs+obd2 scanner

    Launch Creader Elite 200 Supports ABS + SRS System + OBD2 Diagnostic

    Launch Creader Elite 200 is specially designed to diagnose electronic control systems of 12V vehicles. It supports 99% of vehicle diagnosis in the world.

    Two systems are supported: ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and SRS (Supplemental Inflatable Restraint System). In addition, it can also do OBD2 diagnosis.

    Diagnostic ABS & SRS Airbag

    Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS system)

    Diagnosing an ABS problem should always start with a visual inspection of all brake components. Next you will need to retrieve ABS codes to tell you where the problem is, and this is what this scanner does for you.

    Supplemental Restraint System (SRS System)

    SRS is a safety restraint system of your car, which is made up of impact sensors, a control module, and the airbags themselves. Launch CRE200 scanner can detect every electronic parameter to check its health status.

    luanch creader elite 200 obd2 scanner support  read and clear codes

    Launch Creader Elite 200 --- 2021 NEW OBD2 Scanner

    Launch CRE200 code reader is specially designed to work with all OBD II compliant vehicles, including Controller Area Network (CAN). It is required by EPA that all 1996 and newer vehicles (cars and light trucks) sold in the United States must be OBD II compliant and this includes all American, Asian and European vehicles.

    OBD2 function presents a quick way to check for DTCs, isolate the cause of the illuminated Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL), check monitor status prior to emissions certification testing, verify repairs, and perform a number of other services that are emission-related.

    1. Read Codes: This option is used to identify which section of the emission control system has malfunctioned.

    2. Erase Codes: After reading the retrieved codes from the vehicle and certain repairs have been carried out, you can use this function to erase the codes from the vehicle. Before performing this function, please be sure the vehicle’s ignition key is in the ON position with the engine off.

    Notes : Before performing this function, make sure to retrieve and record the trouble codes.

    After clearing, you should retrieve trouble codes once more or turn ignition on and retrieve codes again. If there are still some trouble codes in the system, please troubleshoot the code using a factory diagnosis guide, then clear the code and recheck.

    3. I/M Readiness: An important part of a vehicle’s OBD II system is the Readiness Monitors, which are indicators used to find out if all of the emissions components have been evaluated by the OBD II system.

    4. Data Stream: This option retrieves and displays live data and parameters from the vehicle's ECU.

    5. View Freeze Frame: When an emission-related fault occurs, certain vehicle conditions are recorded by the on-board computer. This information is referred to as freeze frame data. Freeze Data is a snapshot of the operating conditions at the time of an emission related fault.

    6. O2 sensor test: The results of O2 sensor test are not live values but instead the results of the ECU’s last O2 sensor test. For live O2 sensor readings, refer to any of the live sensor screens such as Graph Screen. Not all test values are applicable to all vehicles. Therefore, the list generated will vary depending on vehicle. In addition, not all vehicles support the Oxygen Sensors screen.

    7. On-board monitor test: This function can be utilized to read the results of on-board diagnostic monitoring tests for specific components/systems.

    8. EVAP System Test: The EVAP test function lets you initiate a leak test for the vehicle’s EVAP system. The tool does not perform the leak test, but signals to vehicle's on-board computer to initiate the test. Before using the system test function, refer to the vehicle's service repair manual to determine the procedures necessary to stop the test.

    9. Vehicle Info: This option displays the vehicle information, such as VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), CID (Calibration ID) and CVN (Calibration Verification Number).

    launch cre200 support auto vin and manual vin scanner

    launch cre200 support 4in1 live data

    Launch Cre200 support diagnostic history

    Auto / Manual Vin Car Scanner

    Launch Creader Elite 200 professional OBD2 code reader can automatically acquire vehicle VIN number to perform OBD2 diagnosis accurately and efficiently. If the tool can not obtain the VIN information, you can also perform vehicle

    diagnosis manually. In this mode, you need to execute the menu-driven command and then follow the on-screen instruction to proceed.

    4-in-1 Live Data

    This function retrieves and displays live data and parameters from the vehicle's ECU. A pull-down list of the data stream items will appears on the screen. Select the necessary items (Max. 4 items can be selected at the same time) and the screen will display the waveforms corresponding to these items immediately.

    Diagnostic History

    Generally once a vehicle diagnosis is performed, the tool will record the every details of diagnostic session. The History function provides direct access to the previously tested vehicles and users can resume from the last operation, without the necessity of starting from scratch.

    Tap “History” on the Diagnose main menu screen, all diagnostic records will be listed on the screen in date sequence.

    launch cre200 is plug and play

    launch cre200 support data record and playback

    launch cre200 support dtc lookup

    Plug and Play

    Plug the diagnostic cable into the vehicle's DLC port, the screen of Launch Creader Elite 200 will automatically light up and turn on. It is very convenient.

    Data Record and Playback

    If a user records the running parameters or waveform graphs while reading data stream, it will be saved as diagnostic records and appear under this tab.

    DTC Library

    This option enables you to retrieve the detailed description of certain DTC from the local DTC database. Swipe the screen upwards / downwards to alter the value, then press "OK" button, the screen will display definition of the DTC.

    launch cre200 support battery voltage display

    launch cre200 support screenshot and email

    launch cre200 support multi-language

    Battery Voltage Display

    After the product is linked to the vehicle, the voltage of the vehicle battery will be automatically displayed.

    Screenshot and Email

    After enabling the option of the screenshot function, you can take a screenshot of the data or interface you want at any time during the use of the product.

    After the diagnosis is completed, if there is WiFi, you can also click the "Share" button to send the diagnosis report to the mailbox you want to send.

    Multingual Menu

    The scan tool supports multiple languages. You can change the system language to English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Traditional Chinese.

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