• Heavy Duty Truck Code Reader F506 PRO Enhanced Full-Systems OBD2 Scan Tool for DPF Reset & Regeneration and Diesel OBD Oil Reset with Engine ABS SRS Smoother for Truck and Car[New Version] : Automotive
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    About this itemThis fits your. Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.➤【Full Systems Diagnostic Tool For Truck】-FCAR F506 PRO all system scan tool is exclusively designed for 24v truck,including Engine ABS EBS ASR VCS SCR TPMS PESS Transission Battery Retarder Smoother Inverter Clutch Kneeling Anti-theft devices Air Suspension Gas Treatment Chassis ESC Headlamp Auto-leveling...Etc;You can check the many parameters on your truck which is intended to help you quickly find the truck potential problems.➤【Diesel OBD & OBDII Diagnosis】F506 PRO Supports real-time data of the truck and detect diesel OBD system(such as:SRS,SWS,ESCOT,HSA,CFS,BCM,UDS,Blocker,Integrated Control,Motor Control,Clutch System...etc);General OBD Functions:Read ECU Information,Read/Erase Fault codes,Live Data,Freeze Frame,I/m Readiness,O2 Monitor Test,PDF,Service Reset,Component Test,Graph live data(such as:Engine speed,Percent acceleration pedal position,Engine intercooler temperature,Battery voltage...etc.)➤【DPF Reset & Regeneration and Engine Oil Reset】-OEM level DPF regeneration function for HINO FUSO ISUZU UD,including DPF Regeneration,DPF reset,BlueTec,DPF Related Information Reset,DPR state reset,Forced DPR regeneration,Differential pressure check,DPD Forced Regeneration...etc;OEM level Engine Oil Reset function for HINO FUSO ISUZU(UD can not support Oil light function) provides you with the highest quality maintenance,Ensure your driving safety.➤【Wide Truck Coverage】-F506 PRO Works on almost truck with J1587 J1708 and J1939 plus OBD2 automotive coverage, and covers Freightliner GMC Fuso Hino Isuzu UD International Kenworth Mack Mercedes Nissian Peterbilt Sterling Western Star Volvo Allison Bendix Eaton Wabco ZF...ect,and all cars/ mini truck/ light duty/ bus from 1991,(Added DPF Reset / Engine Oil Reset and set separate menu and OEM full system diagnostic for Fuso Hino Isuzu UD).➤【Truck Owner Necessity】-The F506 PRO truck scanner comes with new UI, new processor and new software, aims at providing you the best diagnostic experience. support lifetime free updates online and One-click screenshot , 3.5”TFT color screen will make you fall in love with it instantly. The response and operating speed increased by 120% at the same time. This durable tool is ruggedly built, perfect for both shop and road tests. It can be used directly out of the box,【one year warranty】.
    Manufacturer ‎NEXAS&S
    Brand ‎NEXAS
    Model ‎F506Pro
    Item Weight ‎12 ounces
    Product Dimensions ‎8.5 x 5.9 x 1.3 inches
    Item model number ‎F506pro
    Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‎No
    Manufacturer Part Number ‎NEXAS

    F506 PRO Support Diagnose Truck Full System

    DPF+Engine Oil+Truck Full System + Diesel OBD functions + OBD II + OEM Level Full System Diagnostic(ISUZU HINO UD FUSO) = F506 PRO

    Basic Function:Version Info, Read DTC, Clear DTC, Histroy DTC, Read DataStream, Read ECU Information.

    Shortcut Menu:North America, Automatic Selection, Manual Selection, By Year, By System, By Model.

    Power Transmission:Engine, Construction engine, Hybrid, VCS(Vehicle Computer Simulation), Transission, Integrated Control, Integrated Security System, Motor Control, Battery/SCR.

    Chassis:Anti-lock braking system, EZGOC(Wheel Brake Special System),Retarder.

    Carbody:Immobilizer, SRS Airbag, SWS (Smart Writing Sytem), Headlamp Auto-leveling ,ABS/ ASR, EBS, ESCOT, AT System, Smoother,HSA/ CFS, BCM,BCM(MIMAMORI), VIM(Vehicle Interface Module), UDS, Gas Treatment, DCU/ BCU, Meter System, Suspension System, Pro-shift, Inverter, Kneeling, Scaning Cruise/LDWS/PCS, Tire Pressure Monitoring Sytem, Ldfing Stop System, Clutch System, Anti-theft devices, Blocker, PESS(Passive entry and start system), PIM(Powertrain interface module), Chassis ESC, Air Suspension.

    F506 PRO Special Features

    1.Long press "OK" to take screenshots and save the data you have detected. Just click the “Picture Viewer” menu to view the screenshot data.

    2.Multiple diagnostic modes, you can do a fast scan or a complete scan if you don't know what's wrong with the truck,Even if you are not a repairman, you still can use our products

    3.Added DPF Reset & Regeneration functionfor ISUZU HINO UD FUSO, and Added Oil Light Reset Services to ISUZU HINO FUSO (UD can not support it )


    OEM Level Diagnostic ISUZU HINO UD FUSO

    It’s mean that F506 PRO advanced truck diagnostic scanner can OEM level support all the systems that ISUZU HINO UD FUSO truck

    HINO[Supported engine models]:E13CTJ, E13CTK, E13CTM, E13CTL, E13CTN, E13CTP,E13CTR, E13CTS,E13CTT, J08ETB, J08ETE, J08ETA,J05DTA,J05DTA, P11CUH, P11CUJ, E13CUN ,E13CUR, E13CUK, E13CUL, E13CUP,J07ETB, J05DTC,E13CVT, E13CUT,J08ETN,J08ETT,[Supported model]:General, Dutro, Ranger, Profia, Selega, Blue Bibbon City, Poncho, Melpha, Liesse, Liesse2, Rainbow, 700 series, 600 series, 500 series, 300 series, Bus/Coach, Industrial Engine.

    FUSO is developed by the original factory agreement (Fuso original equipment), through system diagnosis (diagnosis by system),Support almost all FUSO trucks on the market.

    ISUZU[Supported engine models]:Euro 2, SOHC, 4HE1-TC, 4HF1, 4HG1, 4HJ1, 4HK1, 4HK1-TC, 4HLT, 4HV1(CNG), 4JB1, 4JG2, 4JJ1, 4JH1, 4JK1-TC, 4JX1(3.0 L4), 4KH1, 4ZE1, 6HK1, 6HL1, 6SD1-TC, 6UZ1, 6WF1, 6WG1, 4JJ1-TC,4HK1-TC,SCR, AT-JR405E, Chaoyang Diesel engine(Bosch diesel), Commins unit pump diesel engine, Isuzu alarm, Wuxi Diesel Engine(Bosch Diesel), Weifang diesel engine, Perkins diesel engine, Large diesel engines(Bosch diesel).[Supported models]:ELF200, ELF300, ELF400, ELF500, ELF500, ELF600,N-series w/3.0L Diesel(4JJ1),N-series w/5.2L Diesel(4HK1),N-series w/6.0 Gas,N-series w/6.0 Propane,Stripped Chassis w/3.0L Diesel(4JJ1),N/W Series w/4.8L Diesel(4HE1),N/W Series w/5.2L Diesel(4HK1),N/W Series w/5.7L (CAL) Gas,N/W Series w/5.7L (FED) Gas,N/W Series w/6.0L Gas,F/T Seires w/7.8L diesel(6HK1), ,N/W Series w/6.0L Gas, ,N/W Series w/4.8L Diesel(4HE1),N/W Series w/5.2L Diesel, ,N/W Series w/6.0L Propane, ,F/T Series w/7.8L Diesel(6HK1),,C-series w/7.8L Diesel(6HK1), H/C Series w/7.8L Diesel(6HK1),FRR/WT5500 w/7.8L Diesel(6HK1),FTR W/5.2L Diesel(4HK1),Isuzu Taiwan,NL series/NM series/ELF series:4JJ1-TC Euro 2,3,4,5,NP series:4HK1-TC Euro 2,3,4,5,ELF series.

    UD[Supported engine models]:Nissan UD engine system, Hino engine, UD2004 and earlier, Volvo engine(8 pin square), FE6, RG8, RH8, RF8, GE13(KWP), MD92(KWP).[Supported models]CONDOR, DUMP U-CW520HVD,THUMB TRATOR HEAD KL-CK482BAT.


    DPF Reset & DPF Regeneration and Oil Reset

    FCAR F506 support DPF/DPR/DPD on ISUZU HINO UD FUSO from 1996-NOW

    FUSO: DPF Regeneration(Manual), DPF Related Information Reset, Diesel Particulate filter (DPF) reset, Lambda control tester, Air mass flow rate/ Intake air temperature sensor, BlueTec, Differential pressure sensor of diesel particular filter, Resetting of learned values of component, data transfer, DPF Regeneration, TC Boost Pressure Adjustment, VGT Actuator test, Control EGR valve position.

    HINO:DPR state check, DPR state reset, DPR differential pressure detection, Injector Compensation, DPR Status, Reset all DPR status, Forced DPR regeneration, Differential pressure check.

    ISUZU:DPD forced Regeneration, DPD Regeneration Data Reset, DPD automatic regeneration, DPD normal regeneration control, DPD slow regeneration control, DPD status resetting, DPD normal regeneration control, DPD status resetting, DPF Slow Regeneration, DPF Normal Regeneration, Clear DPF Data

    UD:DPR status check, DPR state reset, DPR ForcedRegeneration, DPR Differential Pressure Check.

    F506 PRO support Oil Reset all function on ISUZU HINO UD FUSO from 1996-now

    Why does your car need DPF regeneration?

    1. Did you feel that your truck has no energy ? After long-time using of your truck, the exhaust pipe can clog up a lot of emissions. F506P DPF can solve this problem.

    2. Are you afraid that when your truck is climbing a hill, the engine will not provide enough power to affect your driving ? When you have the similar problem that the engine intake is usually blocked and the engine is not burning completely, you need to use DPF function.

    3. Have you ever goen to a repair shop or had expensive repairs because your DPF light came on? If you use the F506 PRO to solve the problems on your truck, you can save money (300-1,500) and time.


    All in one, meet your various needs!

    Consider to buy one F506 PRO scanner for your truck or mini truck?

    Have idea of purchasing a maintenance/ service reset tool after having a diagnostic device?

    Tired of paying and installing individual software one by one ?

    Want to get a device with all softwares ready and use directly by just connecting to truck?

    Then you need a comphrensive FCAR F506 PRO Scanner!!!

    Get one F506 PRO Truck Scanner, to own three different devices. ( Full system truck scanner + OBDII Code Reader+ OEM Level Diagnostic DPF RESET and OIL RESET).Then you don’t need to take time to choose device for different demands.

    What’s more, the unique features such as lifetime update, Live Data in Graph & Text, Data screenshoot is the highly added values for the FCAR car scanner, which makes your repair work easier and more efficient.

    The excellent automotive scanner offers a better option for those who pursue a comprehensive diagnostic device. Obtaining one F506 PRO will satisfy all your requirements.Undoubtedly, it will bring a great user experience for technicians, mechanics, workshops and repair garage.

    Full system truck features


    ABS (Brake Auto Bleed) / SRS (Adjustment steering-angle sensor)

    The SRS crash data diagnose and reset. Read the SRS(Airbag) system error code accurately and erase the error code, turns off the airbag warning light. To prevent the dreadful danger caused by the airbag not working properly after a collision.

    The SRS diagnostic function is used to retrieve and clear error code, display and save data streams or module information.What is more, the Auto Bleed function will help get air that is trapped in the ABS actuator module out when bleeding your brake lines to ensure that repairs to this vital system are effective and complete.





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